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Gain Confidence & Self-Acceptance

In therapy, you will learn to celebrate you and take responsibility for yourself and your actions in a way that leads to greater confidence and self-acceptance. You are magnificent, but you probably don't recognize it! As we grow up, we so often become convinced of our wrongness to the extent that we do not notice our rightness. So much so, that we stop noticing the miracle of being a living, breathing human being. In therapy, you can explore your strengths and learn about the negative messages you give yourself every day that keep you stuck in unhealthy and self-limiting patterns.

Healing Relationships

What you are doing is not working...so why do more of it? Learn to examine what is important in your life and how your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior cause your relationship problems to persist.

Deal With Loss & Grief

The great teachers acknowledge that suffering exists in life. They also offer that there is a path out of suffering. When loss and grief overcome us, we typically are drawn to a solution that includes doing whatever is necessary to stop the hurt. With grief work, you can learn how to function within your pain, how to honor the feelings that accompany the grief, and to celebrate the object of your loss with a sense of curiosity, ritual, love and respect.

Release Old Hurts

It is often said that we hold in our own hands the key to the shackles that keep us imprisoned in our own suffering. In therapy, you can learn skills that will empower you to free yourself from old hurts. We often suffer because of the behaviors of others, and we may allow those moments to define us for the rest of our lives. In therapy, you may learn to put words to your own pain in a way that honors its place in your life. This telling and embracing is often where the opportunity for release and healing exist.

Find Meaning & Contentment, Embrace Life

Since the beginning of time, humans have asked the universal questions about the meaning of life- "Why am I here?", "What is the purpose and meaning of my life?", and "Why do I suffer?" Sometimes the asking of these questions can provide insight and illumination and sometimes this asking can bring despair. In therapy, it is possible to learn to cultivate mindfulness in ways that lead you to new discoveries about yourself and your place in the universe.

Make Healthy Decisions

Learn to say "yes" to life and to look in the direction of your strengths instead of your deficits. Within the context of a safe, nonjudgemental therapeutic relationship, you can take another look at the "story of your life." You can learn about the personal strengths that have served you and about the challenges that have kept you stuck. It is possible for you to achieve the skills that will empower you to author the script of your life going forward.

Learn to Manage Stress

We hear a lot about the dizzying pace of life today and the increased stress most of us feel. But what is stress? Is it the "stuff of life" that wears us out or is it our reaction to it that exacts such a toll on our well-being? Learn how to respond, rather than to react to the "stuff" in your life and you will no longer be victim to the often debilitating effects of maladaptive coping that can lead to distress and dis-ease.


And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started,
and know the place for the first time.
~ T.S. Eliot ~

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